In The Begining

BRS Autodesign is an original design firm recently gone into producing its own line of designer body kits and accessories. BRS Autodesign was originally created to deliver custom designed body kits to customers who wanted their cars to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Whether it is to win awards or just roll in style, BRS designs deliver custom body work that is guaranteed to turn heads.

After designing numerous custom kits for customers, people began to ask why BRS doesn’t produce bolt on body kits for the general public. After contemplating the idea, we at BRS Autodesign decided to restructure the company to provide our award winning body kits as bolt on dress-up kits to customers.

A New Start…

With all new investment and sense of purpose, BRS Autodesign is launching as a market and design innovator pushing the envelop by bringing the custom kit designs to a production level market. We consider ourselves pioneers in designing completely original auto-designs at market competitive prices. BRS Autodesign is already a well known name in custom auto-designs, but now with our new line of production body kits, BRS Autodesign is anticipated to become one of the most recognized brand names in the industry. We are also continuously interested in new opportunities to work with other vendors to produce the best custom show cars in the industry.